A leading distributor in France, Germany and the UK in the independent aftermarket

There are 250 million cars and 70 million light utility and commercial vehicles on European roads. These vehicles need regular professional maintenance and repair. A sophisitcated logistics chain ensures the efficient delivery of spare parts to repairers across Europe.

Alliance Automotive Group is a key actor in this logistics chain. It is a leading supplier of parts and technical know-how to more than 30,000 repairers, auto centers, fast fitters, body shops as well as specialist and DIY chains throughout France, Germany and the UK.

Alliance Automotive Group meets every need of this vast market whatever the vehicle, the required part or the preferred price point. It services the market through a comprehensive network of distributors, be they subsidiaries or independent affiliates, through almost 1,800 outlets comprising 982 in France, 771 in the UK and 37 in Germany. These outlets deliver over 30,000 SKUs to repairers within 2 hours in France and Germany and 45 minutes in the UK.

Alliance Automotive Group is a member and the largest shareholder of a leading international buying group, GROUPAUTO International, represented in over 50 countries throughout Europe and South America.

Link to Alliance Automotive Group website -> http://allianceautomotivegroup.eu/about